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Abstract Soundz

Headphones designed as unique as You.

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Additive Manufactured Design

Our flagship DNA headphones utilize cutting edge additive manufacturing techniques to create a design unachievable through conventional processes.

Truly Wireless Technology

We've incorporated the latest Truly Wireless technology to eliminate internal wiring through the headband - giving us unprecedented design freedom. Abstract beats the competitors in design and functionality.  

Amazing Sound

Our full range, high fidelity drivers ensure that the sound coming out of your speakers always sounds amazing.

Bold Statement

At Abstract, we beat the competition. And so do you. Our headphones help you proclaim to the world who you are as a unique individual.

"No One Is You
And That's Your Superpower"

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We believe that headphones should be much more than simply functional. Every product that we use makes a statement about who we are. The music you're listening to tells a story. So should you. 

Want to be the first to know when we drop our TrueWireless Abstract DNA headphones? Join our wait-list here.

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