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Abstract Soundz

Headphones designed as unique as You.

Advanced Design

Our first of its kind headphones utilize cutting edge additive manufacturing and True Wireless technology to create a design unachievable through conventional means.

High Fidelity Sound

Listen to your music the way it was intended to be heard! Our headphones are driven by high fidelity beryllium drivers - offering unparalleled musical depth and sound accuracy.

Uniquely You

Abstract exists to promote self expression, embrace uniqueness, and champion individuality. Our headphones stand out from the competition so that you can too.

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"No One Is You
And That's Your Superpower"

"When everyone else goes right, we go left. Because we know it's better to forge our own path than to follow someone else's."

Featured Products

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Abstract DNA Version I - Wired

The Abstract DNA Version I headphones are our first ever product offering.



We believe that headphones should be much more than simply functional. Every product that we use makes a statement about who we are. The music you're listening to tells a story. So should you. 

Want to be the first to know when we drop our latest TrueWireless Abstract DNA headphones? Join our wait-list here.

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